Thursday, January 28, 2010

If u havent listened to this beautiful scottish voice....u should. right....NOW

love this man

Nightmares Keep you Sleeping, Make a moment.

Walk the streets late night.
Spark one up.
See the lights, See the sights.

Downtown in the day light.
People going,
People go.
People leave and come right back.
Looking at the day-some would say like a coffee break.

Always coming back, you gotta come home, you gotta look back.

Its where the hurt is.
Thats where the heart is.
Always falling.
Till you forfiet.

Youve have go to have fun.
While your walking the streets dont you know you have already won.
When you our your drink,
Make a toast,
take a moment,
make a moment.
and have fun.

You can do it
you put ur heart in it.
you kept your mind on it.
fought the battle.
art of war.
here we come.

dreams keep you up at night nightmares keep you sleeping.
then you wake up.
you got you people and they got you too.

So you walk the streets late night.
ive got my people by my side.
Dear you, thank you and good night-
You got me and my pen tonight.

Dear Past Life.

Hey Life
Hanging in the balance of the night.
Hey Life
You wont ever break me as hard as you may shake me.
I will never fall.

Well winter starry sky you are bitter cold.
You are as frigid as they come.
Just blow your frozen winf and watch as I stand tall.

Dear Life
You never did care
You tested me to fail.
You pushed me to fall now just like I said.
Your going to watch as I stand tall.

Thoughts high-pt 1.

I love how the human brain works. On a night like tonight small things always end up making me think about life. Its amazing how thinkgs make you grow as a person. They make you learn and laugh.

My friend and I were on our way home from a soccer game laughing and joking around acting like a couple of carefree children it was great. We started reminissing about a childhood movie we were obsessed with. Rhyminf off quotes to the movie like we wrote it. Anyways. Of course I own a copy and pop it in to watch. It really made me love the 90s.

Naturally I start thinking of the mindset of people during that period of time. How the general public thought. It was such a progressive time. People stopped looking at things from a stereo typical way, I know its still happened and likely always will. we are always finding something to judge.

But in this movie in specific it got me thinking how being a different skin colour ment people had to treat you different if you werent in your native country.
I dont get how that came to be. Enslaving people and putting a price tag on a person flabbergasts me.
I Though about it because it wasnt long ago thatr being black and playing a certian sport was unheard of.And in this movie they put more black cast members as prominant characters and even the extras were multiracial.
I loved it.
I was thankful for it.
And i was glad joking around about it in a car with a friend got me to laugh about it.

It got me to really think about it.
Who is that guy that talked about the collective unconcience? or Universal Unconscience?
Well i agree no matter what. Every major social trend happens it will influence generations and generations after.

Today I tapped in to that.


Whos to say the things i write may not one day touch a life.
In opposition whos to say they would.

I vote Try.

You cannot learn with out lessons my friends.

Travisty and Tragedy are natural they are also there to hide. We all want to be able to make it alone.
We write it in ston on our rise and fall visible to our minds eye only "writings on the wall"

We make them our demons so we can conquor them.
We are in turn greatful for the fight.

Some people genuinely dont think they will get to the milestones they have so far reached.

This is for you.

Yes, There will always be storms, rainy days.
There will always be darkness.
The light may always be hiding.
It will be in the places you dont want to search for it.

Find the door the light is behind- Dont be scared to open as many doors as you need to.

As jaded as you may feel at this moment think of all the moments you are greatful for.

Think of the moments you feel warm,
think of the moments you have smiled, or laughed.

Think of space.
The infinate beyond.
That is happy.
That is what makes the milestones worth it.
That makes the walk, the fight, the battlefield worth it.

Everyone has to fight to the finish.
Please make sure you fight.

No one has an easy fight,
Remember everyone has a story.

Feel theirs.
Walk in other peoples footsteps.
Its the closest you will get to their shoes.
You will never understand.
Some how that is beautiful please find the beauty.

And if you are somehow shown someones pages in their book of journeys and secrets.
Keep those screenplays vaulted.
They are not yours to tell-but for you to learn from.
For you to feel
For you to help.

You were chosen so you could listen, hear.
Maybe there is a reason.
There probably isn't
Again Beautiful.

The realisation of this makes more milestones.

Past the scars,
the broken hearts.

Past dissapointment,
and pain.

Somewhere in the stars someplace above us there is enlightenment.