Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thoughts high-pt 1.

I love how the human brain works. On a night like tonight small things always end up making me think about life. Its amazing how thinkgs make you grow as a person. They make you learn and laugh.

My friend and I were on our way home from a soccer game laughing and joking around acting like a couple of carefree children it was great. We started reminissing about a childhood movie we were obsessed with. Rhyminf off quotes to the movie like we wrote it. Anyways. Of course I own a copy and pop it in to watch. It really made me love the 90s.

Naturally I start thinking of the mindset of people during that period of time. How the general public thought. It was such a progressive time. People stopped looking at things from a stereo typical way, I know its still happened and likely always will. we are always finding something to judge.

But in this movie in specific it got me thinking how being a different skin colour ment people had to treat you different if you werent in your native country.
I dont get how that came to be. Enslaving people and putting a price tag on a person flabbergasts me.
I Though about it because it wasnt long ago thatr being black and playing a certian sport was unheard of.And in this movie they put more black cast members as prominant characters and even the extras were multiracial.
I loved it.
I was thankful for it.
And i was glad joking around about it in a car with a friend got me to laugh about it.

It got me to really think about it.
Who is that guy that talked about the collective unconcience? or Universal Unconscience?
Well i agree no matter what. Every major social trend happens it will influence generations and generations after.

Today I tapped in to that.

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