Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nightmares Keep you Sleeping, Make a moment.

Walk the streets late night.
Spark one up.
See the lights, See the sights.

Downtown in the day light.
People going,
People go.
People leave and come right back.
Looking at the day-some would say like a coffee break.

Always coming back, you gotta come home, you gotta look back.

Its where the hurt is.
Thats where the heart is.
Always falling.
Till you forfiet.

Youve have go to have fun.
While your walking the streets dont you know you have already won.
When you our your drink,
Make a toast,
take a moment,
make a moment.
and have fun.

You can do it
you put ur heart in it.
you kept your mind on it.
fought the battle.
art of war.
here we come.

dreams keep you up at night nightmares keep you sleeping.
then you wake up.
you got you people and they got you too.

So you walk the streets late night.
ive got my people by my side.
Dear you, thank you and good night-
You got me and my pen tonight.

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